As the data from Italy based surveillance software seller named Haking Team got hacked, and their compromised data got exposed online – researchers are sifting through all of the stolen material.

During security tests, not just yet another unpatched vulnerability is found in Adobe Flash, security researchers also have been able to uncover an attack code that targets Microsoft Windows. A Linux module has also been hardened, the module is SELinux.

Trend Micro, popular antivirus provider published a post on Wednesday, where they revealed that the spyware developer Hacking Team have been exploiting flash for last four years. A flash exploit has been confirmed by the competing antivirus company Symentic, the bug works against the most upto date version of Flash. The company confirmed that exploit works when users view content with IE and it’s pretty much presumed to work against all other browsers, too.

“Symantec has confirmed the existence of a new zero-day vulnerability in Adobe Flash which could allow attackers to remotely execute code on a targeted computer,” the company announced in a post published on Tuesday. “Since details of the vulnerability are now publicly available, it is likely attackers will move quickly to exploit it before a patch is issued.”

A spokesman from Adobe said that they’re aware of findings and are working to release a fix soon – the fix is expected to be released on Wednesday. Officials didn’t remark whether or not the vulnerability has been actively exploited or not at the moment. The Trend Micro researchers found two flash vulnerabilities on the other hand, among which, zeroday is the one. So, readers are advised to better key flash disabled until a fix doesn’t get released, and of course, especially while browsing websites they’re not familiar with.

On other hand, a well-known exploit broker reported another zeroday in Windows kernel on Twitter. The vulnerability has been there in Windows since XP, the translated version of exploit’s technical analysis indicates. The document can be read here.

Now obviously, as the exploits have gone wild over the Internet – these can be used by anyone to install surveillance software that Hacking Team created and have been selling to evil governments. But it if the exploits are only limited to these 2 or 3 vulnerabilities in SELinux, Windows and Flash, the potential damage coming from Hacking Team breach might be not much server. Still, as 400 GB of data has been exposed for digesting, chances are that some other unpleasant surprises are on their way to pop up.

Image credit: Trend Micro

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