We don’t care for individuals who bring up our errors. You more likely than not got notification from your older folks that bringing up another person’s missteps is an unfortunate propensity. Truth be told, the greater part of us is attractive to do that, our brain is similar to radar which continues checking missteps of any individual who exists in the extent.

Be that as it may, once more, calling attention to missteps is a negative behavior pattern. Do you think it will ever help you in life? No? This article might change your ideas then.

Who are bug bounty seekers?

You should be acquainted with bounty seekers. These are individuals who get rewards for catching individuals who are escapees or included in a few or the other illicit exercises. So from this name itself, the idea of bug bounty seekers began. Individuals who can discover bugs or blunders are “bug bounty hunters” in the IT industry.

Bug bounty hunters’ work and its outcome

Essentially, they discover bugs in online services or any software, they call attention to its issues and they additionally propose how these can be moved forward. Great bug bounty seekers are dependably in great request and are additionally paid well. The aftereffect of bug bounty seekers diligent work is, the organization disposes of vulnerabilities and bugs. At that point it dispatches another variant of the same software or benefit, which is known as an upgrade.

So give us a chance to examine the understood main 10 bug abundance seekers who have been shaking their graphs in IT division.

Rafay Baloch

Rafay Baloch is from Pakistan and is a security scientist working at own mostly. Rafay found a vulnerability in the PayPal. The flaw was with respect to remote code execution. PayPal offered him $10,000 and a vacancy. He additionally found Android Stock Browser Address Bar Spoofing which was helpful in Lollipop and also past version of Android.

Roy Castillo

Roy Castillo took an interest in bug abundance chasing program. He is the first Filipino to take an interest in it. His accomplishments incorporate reporting stored XXS in the Gmail for IOS. He likewise found a bug in Facebook which uncovered primary email associated with the users’ Facebook account.

Jason Haddix

Jason has scored truly well as a bug bounty seeker. Jason turned into a Bug abundance seeker in Bugcrowd and turned into its Director of Technical Operations. He is a remarkable versatile and web programmer, too.

Frans Rosen

Frans is a whiz in reporting bugs. He stands second in the bug abundance seekers rundown of Hackerone. He has filled in as a security specialist and has reported numerous bugs. One of the well known bugs reported incorporates flash based XSS flaw.

Stephane Chazela

Stephane is exceptionally dynamic in Free Software/Open Source and UNIX groups. Stephane found the GNU Bourne-Again Shell (Bash) Shellshock Vulnerability. Stephane discovered Shellshock in Hackerone which likewise earned him a decent remuneration.


Bitquark is exceptionally dynamic and continue’s upgrading his online journal which is bitquark.co.uk. Bitquark is extremely skilled in this field and has additionally beaten the rundown of bug abundance (bounty) seeker. Bitquark has likewise gotten numerous prizes from ‘Google Sites’ and numerous different organizations in this division.

Neal Poole

Neal Poole’s bug-chasing procedures have dependably been compelling and have demonstrated to deliver astonishing results. Neal fills in as a security engineer at Facebook. Neal additionally works in the Product Security Team. Facebook procured Neal for his bug chasing ability.

A Bailey

One of the acclaimed bug abundance seekers whose ability was likewise considered by top news channels, for example, CNN and BBC. Lab Mouse Security was his start-up. He provided details regarding memory defilement on LZ4 programming which earned him $6000 from Hackerone.

JungHoon Lee

Our saint from Korea is an endeavor engineer. He stood separated and picked up acknowledgment at the CanSecWest security gathering in 2015. He got $225,000 in Pwn2Own where he misused programs like Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox.

Mazin Ahmed

Mazin discovered vulnerabilities in Facebook Messenger. He is exceptionally dynamic in his own online journal. He got acknowledgment for his examination on W3 Total Cache’s Vulnerability.

End Note

So these are a portion of the celebrated bug abundance seekers in our rundown. I have included renowned bug abundance seekers just, there are security scientists too who have additionally performed truly well in bug abundance chasing programs.

So now what do you think? Discovering missteps is great or awful?

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