The Canadian Government Unmasked: Millions of File Sharers are Being Watched

Edward Snowden blows the whistle again, spilling the details on how Canada’s main electronic surveillance agency is spying on file-sharing activity occurring in over 100 sites, including Kim Dotcom’s now defunct Megaupload in a bid to root out extremists. If you are among the millions of file-sharers worldwide, your online activities are being closely monitored […]

Internet Surveillance Concerns that Got Raised by Charlie Hebdo Attacks

There are growing concerns as to how Charlie Hebdo attacks in France are going to affect Internet surveillance in the country and the world. Rumors dictate that stricter legislation is bound to apply against terrorism. The wound has not yet healed after the recent tragedy at Charlie Hebdo magazine, with the word about terrorism spreading. […]

Many Russian Citizens in Favor of Internet Censorship, Study

A recent study based on the findings of a poll in Russia highlights the fact that the majority of Russian citizens agree with the Internet censorship measures taken by the Government and state that such acts are justified by the ongoing threats of the web to the country. Russia has been tightening its legislation regarding […]

Lizard Squad Defaces MAS Website and Threatens to Expose More User Data

Malaysia airlines manages to make the headlines once again — this time due to the former national carrier’s official website being compromised by hacker group Lizard Squad. Only 4 months  have passed since the carrier suffered from its second highly-publicised aviation catastrophes of 2014 which resulted in the tragic loss of hundreds of lives. Last […]

The Low-Down on Facebook’s Privacy Policy

You know that feeling you get when someone is observing your every movement although its not immediately obvious that you’re being watched because they’re so sneaky about it? This nagging feeling you get definitely rings true, especially so when you’re an active user of social networking sites and let’s be completely honest — most of […]

Online Identity Theft Nearly Cost Me USD6,000 in Fines and Lawyers Fees

You hear it all the time — always be wary of divulging your personal information to other people, especially strangers. For me, I had a taste of what it was like to have my personal information compromised because of my own negligence. A couple of years ago, I received a letter in my mailbox from […]