Hacker? Phishing? Cookie? 15 everyday tech terms of current Internet Era

It goes without even saying that there is a plethora of terms used in everyday life, representing the world of the Internet and web security as a whole. We use them regularly, even though we may not actually know where they have come from or what they mean exactly. Since knowledge is the key, we […]

VPN or Smart DNS? Which One Should I Choose?

If you are one of those people who are constantly wonder which the best service for them is regarding safety and convenience and if you are struggling to choose among Smart DNS and VPN, it is sure that you need to spend some time and read the article that follows. The comparison that follows will […]

Avoiding Identity Theft Online and Being Kept Safe

If you often receive e mails or messages that seem like blackmails and the person who sends them seems to know you really well, do not try to find who he is; you have probably been a victim of identity theft online. If you search on the web, you will definitely find people who are […]

3 Tested Ways Allowing You to Become Invisible, Unmonitored from the Government

Recent revelations of NSA prove that nowadays it is even more important than it used to be to hide all kinds of personal data that you might share on the web. It is more vital than ever to try and keep for yourself information that you think that is really important for you and if […]

3 Tricks that Hackers Can Use for Stealing Your Identity

Just take a moment and imagine yourself visiting the nearest ATM machine, in order to take some money from your personal account; while you are waiting for the money, you take a look at the screen of the machine and you realize that your bank account is blank. At first, you will probably think that […]

Google Fiber has Found its More Expensive Match with GigaPower from AT&T

AT&T GigaPower has come to compete with Google and its fast, gigabit Internet service called Google Fiber. Nevertheless, there are some differences that you need to consider before choosing either one of the services provided. AT&T has finally challenged Google Fiber with the making of GigaPower, which is going to reach truly fast speeds and […]

Data Brokers and their Exact Work Having to Do with You

Some days ago, several companies including some of the most popular ones just like Adobe, AOL and Salesforce were accused for publishing data against the EU transferred agreement. The truth is that these kinds of companies have some people who are called data brokers and whose work is to sell profiles and personal data of […]

Learn How you can Jeopardize your Online Privacy

The internet is a great tool for keeping in touch with your social life, as well as catching up on the news or collaborating with your colleagues at work. There are many different uses of the internet and this is why it is of wonderful importance for most people nowadays. However, this tool is not […]