Australians Need VPN Services More than Ever Now, Due to New Piracy Rules

The popular piracy hotspots (Australia and New Zealand) have an increased demand for VPN services as their government has set some new piracy rules. There is a great demand in Australia for VPN services since the Australian government and of course ISPs has started to take new measurements regarding piracy. Torrent Freak has showed some […]

Geo Blocks, What Does the European Commission Say about It?

The matter of geo blocks has been troubling the European Commission, till a solid solution is found in the best interest of EU citizens. It is known that there are several sites and pages that can not be accessed from all the countries. One of these is Netflix that has become really popular, even though […]

Ways to Be Protected While You Surf on a Free Public Wi-Fi

It is sure that every single one of users has found himself in a situation to not have an Internet connection when you need it immediately and the worst scenario is this to happen while you are on the road. Fortunately, nowadays there is a free public Wi-Fi almost everywhere that has managed to make […]

Researchers Say More than Half of Android Phones Can be Hacked Easily

What is about Android phones that make them so irresistible to so many people? There are certainly many things that considered being interesting but all of those things are really pleasant too. One of the first things that many people think about when they are about to buy a smart phone is certainly applications.

Fight Against Identity Theft with the Help of a VPN in UK

A great percentage of people especially in the UK usually prefer to spend some of their free time on surfing on the web. If you are one of those people, you need to have in mind that there is always the chance of identity theft from people who called hackers. Most of these people have […]

Tips and Tricks to Reduce the Risks while You are Online

In case you are one of those people who spend a lot of their free time online or even if you are one of those who mostly work through the web, it is sure that you often worry about privacy issues. You certainly worry about which and how many things that you share online can […]

All You Need to Know about VPN Technology, in a Nutshell

It is sure that Internet has become a vital service for all kinds of people, for all ages and for all sexes. Even though the Internet might be vital, the same goes for the Internet security systems that everyone must use in order to be protected against all kinds of risks.

Private Communication over VoIP Made Possible via VPN

  Voice over IP or in other words VoIP is one of the most popular ways that someone can communicate with another person with the help of the web. It is for sure a service that has managed to make communication easier, especially for those who want to contact with his friends or family members […]