Attack against GreatFire and Google’s Point of View

One of the major breaches nowadays has been that against GreatFire, a site that has been fighting China’s censorship heavily and that has raised a lot of reactions from the government. The DDoS attack was held in multiple phases (five to be exact) and lasted from March 3rd to April 7th of this year.

Is Google Something Like the Internet Police?

It has been published that EU has told Google to erase some links that referred to some peoples’ lives as they seemed to be slightingly for some Hollywood celebrities. The lawsuits have been filed by these Hollywood stars due to the fact that some links and sites are showing them naked. This suing definitely makes […]

Some of the Most Important Information about NSA’s Quantum Insert Attacks

The British Government Communications Centre, or in other words the GCHQ, has used artificial pages with spy purposes and they have been similar to those of the social network means just like LinkedIn and the Internet version of Slashdot. This kind of information was published in the German magazine that is called Spiegel.

Reasons Why the Internet Impact Affects Net Neutrality

It is said that the electronic revolution of our days is able to bring to the lives of people bigger and bigger changes than those caused by corresponding technology. What is certain is that between these two revolutions the one that is transcended is the electronic one in one essential point that is no other […]

Russian Hackers ATP28 Used Zero-Days Vulnerability to Hack Diplomatic Targets in the US

According to a report released by a famous American security company dubbed as “FireEye”, a group of hackers from Russia has been making use of vulnerabilities in two well-known software – Microsoft’s Windows OS and Adobe’s Flash – the Russian hackers try to grab the info about different governments.

How Much Dependable VPN Exactly are for Online Security and freedom

If you are one of those people who are still looking for information about VPN services or even if you are one of those who already have a VPN provider and you do not know anything about its reliability and its performance, it is sure that the following article will definitely help you a lot. […]