Which Social Apps Parents Should Pay Attention To

Kids, teens and young adults have been using the Internet for multiple reasons to a huge extent (95 per cent are online), with mobile devices and Wi-Fi connections posing real threats. Nowadays, social media platforms have become a lot more sophisticated and they offer people the opportunity to interact, share pictures and statuses, communicate and […]

Right Way to Have a Thorough Backup Strategy for Your Site

It is really important for you to keep backups of everything regarding your computer, as safety matters the most and there may be a lot of risks trying to compromise this safety in the long run. Make sure to have as many different copies of your files and documents, especially the ones that you find […]

Way to Achieve Reliable Malware Security Online

Malware has been troubling both individuals and businesses worldwide, due to the multiple consequences that such threats can have on a computer or even on a network of computers. Its name reflects its nature, as it consists of the words “malicious software”.

How to Know You’ve Been Hacked? Here are the Signs!

There’s very little to argue on the fact that Antiviruses alone cannot help you stay secure, or even escape from a hack. As well as, the Anti-malware programs today can’t keep up with all the emerging malware threats today – there comes a new Malware on the web almost every week if not daily.

How to Avoid Social Engineering Attacks Effectively Online

Social engineering attacks have been increasing rapidly and this makes our attempt to be kept safe against such threats even more essential. With the use of social engineering hacks, experts can lure people into handing out their personal information without actually knowing what they do.

VPNs vs Online Tracking

When it comes to keeping the online surfing safe and secure, VPNS are a great tool to taste the success. They’re superb at keeping unwanted spoofing and data leakages at bay, and at the same time, VPNs are good at sending the companies a collective message that common peoples aren’t helpless to sacrifice their privacy […]

New NSA documents reveal plans to hijack Google Play Store, Samsung app store and iPhones

As NSA (National Security Agency) and its colleague agencies got into act at their peeks, a few years back, Google and Samsung app stores were targeted by the government for hijacking. According to reports by The Intercept and CBC News, the plan of said agencies was to hijack the connections being made between smartphones and […]

Logjam flaw leaves browsers alongside thousands of HTTPS websites vulnerable

According to a latest report from Ars Technia, millions of HTTPS based sites, mail servers as well as other online services might eventually be left vulnerable because of a security bug that could allow cyber-criminals to successfully snoop and modify the encrypted data.

Truly Care about Personal Cloud Security? Here’re 3 Golden Rules to Follow

Can you recall how the personal IT infrastructure of yours used to look like about 8 or 9 years ago? The chances are you just had a typical desktop computer or just had your first laptop with you. Dial up connection was what you probably relied on or you had a relatively poor DSL connection. […]

Learn the Nuts and Bolts of Mobile Security

Are you a computer geek? You probably own latest Galaxy S6, Google’s Nexus 6 or maybe you’re still holding on to the iPhone 6+ you bought last. Today, smartphones are important accessories of our daily lives. It is hard to live without one and even organizations have recognized the impact of smartphones on the corporate […]