Free PC Hacks that Empower Your Online Protection

If you are one of the people who think that you are perfectly secured online, it is high time to reconsider. According to a survey carried out in 2014, about 40 per cent of the people regard their online presence somewhat secure. Even so, this percentage definitely leaves some room for improvement.

7 Tools by Professionals for increasing your Cyber Security

Cyber Security is a science practiced by skilled technicians all over the world with the purpose to keep the millions of machines out there safe against any technological threats with the use of various tools. Security experts are a tool for every business that wants to keep their enterprise network secure. Let’s get to know […]

Public clouds and relative security risks

The use of cloud services is the latest trend in the IT world. It is the idea of using a remote internet location for storing and sharing data instead of a local physical machine. The only difference with the public clouds is that they are accessible by any user browsing the internet.

Critical Adobe Reader, MS Windows font vulnerability can lead to complete system compromise

15 critical vulnerabilities in Windows and Adobe software are reported by a Google Project Zero researcher, the vulnerabilities also include sever ones that can enable attackers to completely compromise a system. Even the era of high quality security mechanisms and mitigations, 2015, posses weaknesses where a single good vulnerability can still cause a complete system […]

Worrying about the Netflix VPN ban?

The Netflix entertainment platform has millions of subscribers worldwide (a rough estimation of 40 countries), while the majority of those subscribers are in the US. Of course, the US version of Netflix is far better and more qualitative, leading to subscribers of other countries wanting to trade their own version with the original.

How Not to Get Malware While Downloading Software

It is crucial to identify the most important factors that allow us to remain safe online. Among these factors, downloading hazards have to be removed entirely. It is true that malware can hide beneath innocent looking downloads of software and other files.

How to unblock the US Netflix in Australia

As recently announced, Netflix– an entertainment platform with a database exceeding the 20,000 movie titles and shows – now has official presence also in Australia. The people in Australia would normally be very excited by this information but soon their enthusiasm fades out as they discover that the content shared on the Australian Netflix cannot […]

The Most Secure Web Browsers Online

When you go online, using a popular web browser, you might be sharing much information with third-party data trackers. In fact, what people think their privacy rights are, has some difference with the actual privacy policies that are in place. Most browsers apply not so security-tight privacy policies which makes them vulnerable for privacy invasions.