Free Encryption Tools that Can Help You out Significantly

free encryption tools

If you wish to remain risk-free while surfing the Internet, it goes without even saying that encryption is a great tool that can help you out. Indeed, the whole process of encryption makes the most out of your web surfing activities; in this way, you can get an extra layer to your traffic and prevent any data interception that you do not want to occur. Continue reading “Free Encryption Tools that Can Help You out Significantly”

What do ISPs know about your online activities?

what ISPs know about you

In order to connect to the Internet, you need to subscribe to an Internet Service Provider (ISP). The ISPs have got the ability to monitor, track and store your online activity. You feel like this is an invasion of your privacy? Check out below, to see what type of data an ISP maintains and what you can do in order to protect your online activities from being tracked by your ISP. Continue reading “What do ISPs know about your online activities?”