Unblock ITV Content Anywhere Worldwide via VPN

ITV is a standout amongst the most noticeably known TV supporters and makers in the UK. The company has a wide mixture of TV projects and air these (also, once in a while movies) over their substantial group of stations. They additionally offer a catch up TV, known as “the ITV player” which is likewise […]

Know who is spying you on your Facebook and block them

Facebook is an awesome utility in case one need to stay in contact with loved ones, offer photographs, and see what other individuals are up to in their lives. It’s free, obviously, yet that doesn’t mean it comes without a cost. Here is the write-up by which you can see who is spying you on […]

How to Avoid Android Stagefright Vulnerability

Android cell phones and gadgets have been found vulnerable against an assault that could bring about perpetual harm to the user’s information alongside his device. It abuses a little glitch in the Android framework found on all android gadgets which permits the aggressor to obtain entrance to one’s Android based device. The weakness is called […]

5 Sharp Myths about Anonymity When Using VPN

With the number of VPN providers gradually increasing, so does the number of those VPN providers that promise “no logging” and “online anonymity” while in fact the way they handle your data is not so much transparent. Some of these VPN providers retain a significant amount of user data despite the fact that they advertise […]

Spotify and Piracy Concerns Emerging from Lack of Fremium Plan

Spotify is in search of revenue increase and restricting the premium plan seems like a great way to do so. However, there is the imminent danger of increasing piracy rates that has to be taken into consideration – alongside the complaints of underpaid artists and the confusion over the company’s privacy policy.

BitTorrent software exploit leads to cyber warfare

As reported by torrentfreak, new research from Florian Adamsky of City University London has demonstrated illegal downloads of movies and software is not the limit to the criminal capabilities of the popular torrent software. His research shows BitTorrent can also be used for cybercrime.

Recognizing a phishing scam

Cyber-criminals use phishing emails as their favorite option for scamming people. Phishing attacks are email messages that may appear to be sent from a valid sender (e.g. your bank or your ISP) and request for private information like your credit card info or account details with the purpose of committing identity theft.