How to Bypass Torrent Throttling

It goes without questioning that different Internet Service Providers worldwide are blocking Torrents by either throttling all P2P downloads or simply blocking the open ports. As one can imaging, it can be difficult to figure out which particular ports could be open at a specific time, as one can’t clear through a large number of […]

Botnet Servers and Top 10 Countries Where They Are Found

If you think that botnets are only found in the East, due to the looser legislation and the room for money laundering, you should definitely re-evaluate. It is true that botnets have been found in the West, too. Indeed, their span is worldwide and there is no argument on this acknowledgement. Their number is growing […]

How to secure home router

Hackers have discovered ways to hack into home routers and modify their configuration. They do this by taking advantage of JavaScript which is built into webpages and logging in as administrators, ultimately altering the router’s DNS settings and assigning DNS servers controlled by attackers. These hacked home routers will then be used as a springboard […]

How to Track an Android Phone or Tablet without Installed Tracking Apps

Have you ever found yourself in the unfortunate situation of having lost your precious Android running phone or tablet? Then, you probably know how frustrating it can be! We have all got used to the presence of modern, sophisticated devices that work wonders for our communication, human interaction, information gathering and entertainment – losing track […]

Fixing the top 5 Cyber Security Vulnerabilities

Cyber security vulnerabilities are what attackers are trying to exploit with the ultimate purpose to access a system and get a hold of private user data. In order to keep yourself prepared for such attacks, you must learn how these attack methods work. If you have this knowledge, it will help you prevent such attacks.