Recovering your lost Android phone

find lost Android phone

Smartphone owners love the features that their phone offers but are afraid of the exposure to the risk of losing it. Losing your beloved smartphone is hard no matter if you lost it or someone stole it from you, so now that you have it in your hands you should prepare for the possibility that such an unfortunate event will happen to you and proceed with the actions required for making it traceable or blocking access to it. Continue reading “Recovering your lost Android phone”

How to Bypass Torrent Throttling

bypass torrent throtting

It goes without questioning that different Internet Service Providers worldwide are blocking Torrents by either throttling all P2P downloads or simply blocking the open ports. As one can imaging, it can be difficult to figure out which particular ports could be open at a specific time, as one can’t clear through a large number of ports to see which one has been kept open by the ISP. On the other hand though, a straightforward answer for bypassing Torrent throttling being imposed by ISPs is accessible. See the information below for more points of interest. Continue reading “How to Bypass Torrent Throttling”

Watch ESPN3 Online Free

ESPN3 online free

ESPN has introduced its popular streaming service under the name ESPN3, which is part of the WatchESPN service giving its users the ability to stream sports events of all types (Football, Basketball etc.).

If you want to have access to the full service, you should know that it is only available in the U.S. as ESPN poses severe restrictions on its availability and you must use an ISP which partners with ESPN or have an ESPN cable connection. Continue reading “Watch ESPN3 Online Free”

Botnet Servers and Top 10 Countries Where They Are Found

Botnet servers top countries

If you think that botnets are only found in the East, due to the looser legislation and the room for money laundering, you should definitely re-evaluate. It is true that botnets have been found in the West, too. Indeed, their span is worldwide and there is no argument on this acknowledgement. Their number is growing globally and thus we need to learn more about their function and the dangers behind them. Continue reading “Botnet Servers and Top 10 Countries Where They Are Found”

How to secure home router

secure your router

Hackers have discovered ways to hack into home routers and modify their configuration. They do this by taking advantage of JavaScript which is built into webpages and logging in as administrators, ultimately altering the router’s DNS settings and assigning DNS servers controlled by attackers. These hacked home routers will then be used as a springboard to perform a number of malicious actions like identity theft and malware attacks. Continue reading “How to secure home router”

How to Track an Android Phone or Tablet without Installed Tracking Apps

track trace android without app

Have you ever found yourself in the unfortunate situation of having lost your precious Android running phone or tablet? Then, you probably know how frustrating it can be! We have all got used to the presence of modern, sophisticated devices that work wonders for our communication, human interaction, information gathering and entertainment – losing track of one such device seems a real bummer! Continue reading “How to Track an Android Phone or Tablet without Installed Tracking Apps”

Unblocking Netflix at school

Netflix at School

Netflix is a leader in its field, providing also affordable payment plans and is being offered to any location in the United States. It is a streaming platform that is well known for the premium quality of its content.

All this can help you understand why teachers want to keep access to Netflix blocked. Students are tempted to access Netflix, even at times were they attend a class, so teachers block it from all school servers with the intent to keep distractions away from the students. Continue reading “Unblocking Netflix at school”