How hackers get into your system actually

It goes without saying that the world today runs on computer systems. Now on one hand there are computer users and on the other there are computer hackers. Hackers are always finding ways to exploit weaknesses and vulnerabilities in the system so they can break in and do their malicious or criminal things. Lately the […]

Biggest, Most Frequent Mistakes for Businesses after Data Breach

Even in the misfortune incident of a data breach, businesses ought to pull themselves together and come up with swift, efficient solutions. The way you deal with a problem is equally, if not more, important when compared to the initial problem itself. However, in many cases the behavior of the people responsible for the security […]

Watching the 2015 Rugby World Cup free live online

The 2015 Ruby World Cup kicked off in September and the iTV streaming channel will be broadcasting all 48 games for free in the UK. Although these are good news for the UK residents who are fans of rugby, it is not that good for those living in countries like US, Canada, Australia, France and […]

Why use Whatsapp for web instead all other messaging apps online

After being available only on the mobiles for long, Whatsapp made its mark to the web recently. Anyone can get their hands on it by visiting and scanning a QR code from their phone. One just need to open the app, go to menu and select the web options. Apparently, the app seems to […]

Unblock and Use Instagram in China

Taking after the dissents in Hong Kong in the September 2014, the Chinese government continued to square Instagram and it stays obstructed right up the present time in the territory of China. It isn’t quite a bit of an issue to get to Instagram in China, undergoing a little research and perusing. Most folks call […]

The efforts phone makers are making to ensure your privacy aren’t satisfying

Your cell phone is putting your security at danger, and the general population who made (the makes of phones) it aren’t doing what’s needed to ensure you. That is the notice from the creators of Sikur GranitePhone, another security-centered cell phone which is accessible to pre order today.