Security Concerns Emerge because of a New Hello Barbie with Wi-Fi Connection

If you are planning to purchase the new Hello Barbie for your kid or another beloved child, you had better reconsider. It seems that the innovation behind the release of the new Hello Barbie model is going to be a mixed blessing, according to the effects that will be triggered.

Five internet risks to be on the look-out for throughout 2016

The internet is a risky place as much as it is a fun place to be. The freedoms allowed in it have been abused by some criminal elements and therefore we are left with no option but to be wary. In law they say ignorance is no defense, in cyber security we say ignorance is […]

Dealing with Cybercrime through Proper Change in Human Behavior

The investments that have been made in the field of preventing cyberattacks have not been that fruitful, as we can witness through the charts and stats revealing the increasing number of such malicious incidents. Even though resources are multiplied, the results do not get a lot better than what they were a few years back. […]

End User Encryption: When Do You Reasonably Need to Use Data Encryption?

Encryption is the in-word in internet security and privacy circles. It is also the word on the lips of law enforcement, and not in a good. See, encryption has always been there but it is only in the last decade or so that people decided to commercialize it on a large scale.

Understanding Malware and Keeping Yourself Safe Online

Many people have at one point in their usage of computers comes across malware. The general populace calls all malware viruses but that is not an accurate description. Malware is shortened from malicious software and as is more than viruses. Malware includes Trojans, spyware and worms.

Paris killings reignite the surveillance, encryption debate

The first time the world had a serious discourse on surveillance and encryption was after Edward Snowden and Wikileaks split out secrets of the US government’s spying. The fallout from the revelations that the US government was keeping tabs not only on its own citizens but also on world leaders, more so allies such as […]