558m pirated links take-down requests were sent to Google in 2015

Copyright holders requested that Google uproot more than 560,000,000 professedly encroaching (pirated) links from its web search console in 2015. The stunning number is an increment of 60% contrasted with the prior year. As per Google the proceeded with surge is a confirmation that the DMCA takedown procedure is working, yet some copyright holders oppose […]

UK to punish tech firms with criminal charges if they alert users on government spying

A week ago, it was accounted for that Yahoo had turned into the most recent organization that guaranteed to alert clients who it suspected were being kept an eye on by state-supported folks. Twitter, Facebook and Google had already guaranteed their clients that they would likewise caution them of any potential government spying.

Connected devices being left at risk because of confusion about Internet security, Kaspersky

Research by Kaspersky Lab and B2B International demonstrates that with regards to Internet security, shopper concern and mindfulness are both on the expansion. Then again, in spite of a developing acknowledgment of the need to ensure security of the devices, numerous buyers are attempting to distinguish, introduce and utilize security software & apps.

Want to Chat Anonymously? Try Tor Messenger

Google Hangouts, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook Messenger,  … the most prominent services in the field of instant messaging aren’t as a matter of course the most secure, with lower level of assurance for individual data and an absence of the security for messages sent/receive via them. As a result of this, it’s feasible for said data […]

Australian government portal MyGov asking users to avoid two-factor authentication

MyGov, an entity utilized for overseeing different Australian taxpayer driven organizations is requesting that clients turn off their two step authentication while voyaging abroad. Entrance’s executive has been encouraging this move to the clients on twitter.

State sponsored hacking attacks alerts, Yahoo joins FB and Google

Hackers backed by governments who have an inclination to go looking into users’ accounts, except their very own, will get under sensor of the Yahoo’s Marissa Mayer  now, state reports. The organization said that their warnings provide victims particular guidelines to guarantee that their records and gadgets are secure.

Icons and patterns might replace passwords, researchers on the move

The thought of utilizing a password and username to sign into services online has turned out to be so obsolete and frail that pretty much everybody is scrambling to locate some sort of substitution. The most recent password-free login arrangement originates from researchers working at the University of Plymouth.

The only thorough password security guide you’ll ever need

Very frequently, passwords are uncovered. Instagram, Pinterest, Yahoo, and even Google records were bargained, rendering a huge number of online records powerless against outsider hacks. What’s more, that was just the latest security rupture. Passwords – particularly those not bolstered by two factor authentication check – are your last lines of barrier against prying eyes. […]

NO anonymity online, looks like even social media experts getting their hands off

At the point when online networking master (social media expert, in simple words for you) Richard Guerry identifies with rudimentary understudies, he approaches them for the meaning of social: active, sharing, talking a ton. And after that he requests that they characterize private: minding their own business, not sharing a great deal.