There’s little we can do, data backdoor already exists

We are not in any case safe even all around the air, any longer. Each time you sign into a gadget and have it associated with the space we call the Internet, it undoubtedly checks for programmed upgrades — unless you’ve turned them off.

Learn to have unblocked games at school

School can be boring and it goes without even saying that students need some time off work. Although some might say that unblocked games can be proven a distraction, in fact they can offer a great break to students. As a result, you can rest assured that you have access to fun stuff besides all […]

Most effective methods to have better privacy online

Stories about government monitoring activist, police tracking environmental activist and of course, USA and other nations’ security agencies are not hidden from anyone – right? Now what these stories “clear” to us is the fact that our security and privacy online has been violated! But still, there are some effective methods that one can use […]

Twitter password recovery bug, 10k users affected

Twitter affirmed that it has fixed an issue named “password recuperation/recovery bug” and because of this issue a huge number of Twitter account were influenced, and in addition, the organization included that security imperfection influenced the users’ messages as well as the telephone numbers.

Unencrypted communications, how much access does NSA have?

In the event that you haven’t been taking after the news, the encryption wars are back and a colossal Apple versus FBI conflict is the most recent real clash. The FBI needs access to the iPhone that had a place with one of the shooters in the San Bernardino slaughter, and Apple is declining to […]

US Government’s domestic spying, EFF scores a blow

The group has been conceded disclosure for its situation against the National Security Agency. Before we realized that the National Security Agency was spying so as to get its jollies by means of Prism, there was Jewel versus NSA. That case, recorded by Electronic Frontier Foundation, has gotten a support from California judge Jeffrey White […]