Minority Supporters Do Not Widely Express Their Opinions on Mass Surveillance

According to a recent study, there is a majority of people who do not want to oppose the public opinion. As a result, they do not reveal what they actually think and instead they tend to express the favorable opinion. Even though this is not something that they agree on, it is much easier for […]

Tips for Traveling in Comfort and with Absolute Internet Safety

If you are accustomed to traveling a lot, you may have quite a few complaints as to the inconveniences you face when being abroad. It is true that being outside our normal daily life can be frustrating; still, when you organize everything properly, chances are that you will be able to enjoy your journeys no […]

The Challenges of DIY VPN and How to Work Around Them

If you are concerned about how you can manage data from another location in a safe and secured manner, a Virtual Private Network or VPN might be the solution you are looking for. However, even when you do decide that this is a great way to follow, you will end up facing a lot of […]

Presidential Candidates and the Oxymoron of Their Internet Love

Nowadays, the US elections have involved the use of the Internet for interaction more than ever before. The candidates reach a lot of people and they communicate with potential voters, so as to spread the word of their campaign and win the impressions over their competitors. Especially in the case of Donald Trump, his popularity […]

Internet of Things security risks, someone might be watching you online?

The reach and numbers of “things” associated with the web are amazing, including security cameras, stoves, caution frameworks, infant screens and autos. They’re are all going to the internet, so they can be remotely checked and controlled over the web.

How Netflix aims at dealing with VPN and DNS masking IPs

It is not rare for Internet users to switch IP addresses and mask their true location, so as to enter the US version of Netflix. This is perfectly justifiable, as the US version includes way more stuff than any other Netflix version available worldwide.

People are still unable to deal with IoT security issues, BullGuard research

The new research from BullGuard regarding the ability of people to deal with IoT security issues is truly disappointing, highlighting that people are still not prepared for such a task. According to the research (which included 6,000 UK residents), 72% do not have the knowledge towards strengthening their online security against IoT issues. Among the […]

Time to prioritize the security for wearables and Internet of Things

We are on the cusp of an entirely “Internet connected” world. The Internet of Things is no more a rising pattern; it  has arrived! On the off chance that you need proof – absolute confirmation as opposed to the theory of industry investigators – then examine the $1.4 billion Cisco supposedly put on the table […]

Punch that could hurt the Netflix globally

Netflix’s enormous global development is driving endorser development, yet there is a one-two punch that could hurt it in the short term, as per experts at Bank of America Merrill Lynch. The core of the issue is that being a Netflix supporter in some of its recently accessible nations just isn’t as great an arrangement […]