All Children Should Know about These Things on Internet Safety

Internet Safety Education is of paramount importance, since both kids and adults may be proven exceptionally vulnerable against online threats. This is why it is really crucial for everyone to educate themselves on the things that might come up, as they are surfing the web.

Hackers Have Stolen Biometrics of Voters in Philippines

Everybody knows just how sophisticated the hacking attacks may be online, especially with all the advanced technology and the special tools available for them. In the most recent incident of major hacking, voters from Philippines have been robbed of their personal information.

Biometrics Introduced in the Near Future for Global Online Security

Biometrics has certainly been on the rise at a global scale over the past few years. This phenomenon has become even more intensified, as the latest moves indicate. In Japan, the government is working on a new payment system that only involves your fingerprint to complete a purchase.

According to Recent Survey, Online Trust is Down

According to the 2016 CIGI-Ipsos Global Survey on Internet Security and Trust, online trust is not at its best nowadays and it will continue declining even further. Consumers are now worried more than ever as to the layering of their online privacy and anonymity, not sure if they can trust companies that claim to keep […]