OpenMedia mobile billboard perambulates around Netflix HQ protesting VPN ban

Netflix’s progressing VPN crackdown is meeting savage resistance from concerned clients around the globe. Today, protection activists are driving a monstrous announcement around Netflix’s central command, trusting the organization will regard their security and opposite the full VPN boycott.

How to fix slow Internet speed

Moderate Internet velocities are a noteworthy bother that can decrease your efficiency, make it hard to make the most of your most loved diversion, and make a general disappointment. You can keep running into issues with pace over any association, yet utilizing a Virtual Private Network (VPN) like includes considerably more elements that could […]

Americans Have Started Backing out of Online Activities, Reacting to Internet Threats

According to recent studies, Americans have now realized the impact of Internet exposure and they have begun reacting to that in a direct manner. Indeed, they have stopped using the web like they used to in the past, for fear of exposing themselves and having their sensitive data leaked somehow.

In Today’s Connected World, Privacy Involves the Whole Group and Not the Individual

Nowadays, the world has become a lot more connected. People tend to share content with friends and colleagues, even with people they merely know – or don’t even know! This means that there is a lot of information shared on a daily basis. The more the shared data, the bigger the chances of privacy breach. […]

DNS Hijacking and What You Need to Know

It is not rare for governments to engage in DNS hijacking, in order to establish their regime and control their citizens to the maximum extent. The whole scheme involves the cooperation of the local ISPs (or Internet Service Providers), since they are the ones responsible. A fine example of such a government is the one […]