Why Use VPN on Your iPhone or Android When You Travel

Why Use VPN on iPhone or Android When You Travel

While we are traveling, our needs change substantially. Therefore, we ought to be able and keep up with satisfying these needs. The VPN is the key to success, in case you are on the go and you worry about not having the ability to enjoy the same digital benefits as in your country. So, why do we need a VPN on our iPhone or Android running device, when we are traveling? Continue reading “Why Use VPN on Your iPhone or Android When You Travel”

Are You Being Manipulated Online?

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You may not even realize it but there are many cases that give room to online manipulation. Instead of using the Internet to your own benefit and after your own desire, you may find that you are being forced to behave according to the needs of others and their intentions to sell or benefit. Here are some of the things that might not have even caught your attention and potentially involve online manipulation: Continue reading “Are You Being Manipulated Online?”

Difference between Site-to-Site and Remote VPN

Difference between Site-to-Site and Remote VPN

VPNs have drawn global attention over the past few years, due to the multiple benefits that they are able to offer Internet users. However, not many of them get to realize that there are two distinctive types of VPN available for choosing: the site-to-site VPN and the remote-access VPN. Which one is best for you, according to your personalized needs and demands? Which differences are there between the two and why should you pick one over the other? Continue reading “Difference between Site-to-Site and Remote VPN”