Internet of Things: How will it affect User Security and Privacy?

The 2016 Black Hat cybersecurity talks took place in Las Vegas. This year, they displayed a padlock at the Alert Logic booth. The Internet of Things hopes to connect more devices each day. By the year 2020, it wants to meet its 24 billion IoT devices goal.

Apple Releases iOS 9.3.5 Update to Protect its Users

Do you own an iPhone? If so, you should be aware that a criminal could be tracking you. The wicked party may not be from Apple. There is good news though. Apple has a new update, the iOS 9.3.5. The iOS update will end serious security and privacy issues that iPhone users face.  There is […]

Should You Still Download Your Torrents in India After New Law?

India is a hotbed of internet piracy. Torrents are not new. People don’t like buying TV shows, music or movies. The list is endless. That is the reality we live in- for now. A recent study revealed that India is one of the worst countries in pirating TV shows and movies. The trend is not […]

Free Fitness Apps and Safety Hazards

If you have been working out lately, the chances are that you have installed at least one free fitness app on your mobile device. Such apps allow you to control the calories you are burning as you are exercising, as well as keep track of your performance and check your health rate. This all sounds […]

Why You Should Remain Anonymous Online

There are many different threats lurking in the shadows online. In order for you remain safe, you should also consider maintaining your anonymity. In fact, there are a lot of different benefits deriving from online anonymity. You should not take this matter lightly; on the contrary, you ought to be considerate and prudent security-wise. So, […]