Reasons why a job seeker should protect their Social Media profiles

When applying for a job, people share a lot of personal information. They write excellent cover letters and CVs. They even include a few references before sending the job applications. This is all good until people forget to hide their social media accounts. Letting these accounts stay public is imprudent. Do you know why? Modern […]

Facebook Quizzes – Can They Predict the Name of a Spouse You Haven’t met?

To be frank, these quizzes cannot predict the name of your future spouse. How is that even possible? But, you have Facebook friends who do these quizzes. While it is enjoyable to do quizzes, Facebook wants to access your personal data first.

Unblocking the Fall TV with a VPN all over the World

The fall TV has a nice show for everyone. But the problem is that some people cannot watch it online. This happens due to censorship in some areas. Where Geo-blocking is real, some content stays hidden. The ISP might also prevent access to some websites.

Top 4 Internet Browsers Under Privacy and Security Rating

Humans love to compare and contrast everything. This is why you find endless lists of universities, movies, and other things. So, you are also going to find lists of the best browsers to use.  We are about to analyze the top 4 browsers here.

Geo-blocked Apps And games – How to unlock them?

There is always a good reason to keep a user from particular online content. It could be games, music, videos or any other content. If you cannot access any site, it does not accept people from your nation. In other words, you are facing geo-blocking. It is a type of internet censorship. Geo-blocking uses geographical […]