How to Protect Your Data from Distributed Guessing Attacks

What is Distributed Guessing Attack? A Distributed Guessing Attack is a new form of attack that hackers are now using to target individuals who shop online using any of the two most common cards: Visa and MasterCard. Hackers have perfected a method by which they manage to access the credit or debit card details of […]

The NSA Increases Surveillance, Banking on the US Freedom Act of 2015

The NSA is increasing its mass surveillance activities, following the passage of the US Freedom Bill of 2015 into law, the US Freedom Act of 2015. Observers are of the opinion that although the passage of the new law was supposed to protect the rights and privileges of individuals in the wake of multiple threats […]

How to Access Pirate Bay Outside Australia: The Process

It is now impossible to access Pirate Bay and the other main torrenting sites in Australia using the conventional way. The Federal Court of Australia, in a ruling, has ordered all the ISPs in the country to block access to torrenting sites. However, the court did not rule that you cannot use a VPN to […]

2016: a Bad Year for Digital Privacy

It appears that the past year has been the worst so far regarding digital privacy. Several things have taken place that have shaped the manner in which governments treat the issue of digital privacy and how many people consider the issue as a fundamental human right that should be defended at all costs.

How the Mainstream Media (MSM) is Undermining Privacy

The mainstream media (MSM) has been working hard to undermine the private lives of individuals and, by extension, that of other institutions. For us to understand how this started and is still occurring now, it is important to consider how the MSM has been behaving before, during and after last year’s US general elections.

How to Watch the EPL Online

You can catch all the exciting action of the VPN online by choosing the right channels that broadcast the matches. However, you need to bear in mind that all the channels that broadcast the live matches operate under very strict licensing rules. For example, channels can only stream games to specific territories. Also, channels can […]