Insafe celebrated SID (Safer Internet Day) to encourage more secure and more capable utilization of online innovation and smartphones. Google is also awarding additional 2GB over and about the 15GB default FREE space it offers to clients.
How to claim Google drive free 2GB space

One just need to visit their Google account’s security checkup page and step through different checks there.

You should simply run a basic security check which barely takes 2 minutes. Just click the link given above which takes two minutes security check of your Google account, Google will instantly add 2GB free space to your account/drive.

As mentioned above, the security check is related to account permissions, connected devices and recovery information which you need to confirm.

Google similarly has a devoted list of tips to help clients stay secure on the web. You can check the list at

This site will also showcase all activities and events being organized across the world to mark the day.

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