The Internet of Things has been a part of our lives for quite some time now, with more and more devices being interconnected nowadays and interacting with each other. There are innumerable conveniences that have made the IoT grow tremendously over time, with consumers truly benefiting from the modernity and advanced technology employed. However, as it turns out there are various concerns on behalf of the IoT users globally.

The fact that devices are controlled remotely does not come without any doubts or second guessing. According to a research conducted by HP in 2014, 7 out of 10 devices that engage in the Internet of Things have got some sort of vulnerability. These flaws have to do with the password, data leakage and other problems that emerge and threat the overall online protection of the users.

We have found the three major threats that are directly related to the Internet of Things and we display them to you, in order to offer some food for thought. Unless you do something about these threats, you will find that the Internet of Things does not live up to the standards that you had initially set.

On the bright side, though, everything can change and you can make things much better. As you will come to realize, there are solutions to be considered towards dealing with the threats that are linked to the IoT. We have used bullets, in order to highlight these threats. Let’s take a look at them!

  • Invading One’s Privacy: As you can clearly comprehend, the amount of data shared by somebody with others is a really personal matter. There is no right or wrong as to how much personal stuff you ought to share with the rest of the world online. Still, what is really frustrating is the fact that the Internet of Things seems to invade one’s privacy and engage in surveillance without one knowing. This can lead to severe problems and eventually deprive the user of his personal space.
  • Business Issues: Besides personal information, it is possible for the IoT to mess with business files and details. Imagine that you have to deal with the leakage of top classified documents online, when the whole success of your business depends on confidentiality and anonymity. Network security is of the essence in the case of businesses and the Internet of Things can jeopardize such security. Just think of the BYOD trend that is increasing rapidly in business environments worldwide.
  • Inadequate Management of Devices: Although automation has become advanced and everything can be monitored remotely, there are still problems when it comes to APIs that will handle the different parts of the Internet of Things in an efficient manner. When you think of just how many different devices can be interconnected, you can see why it is of such great importance to come up with APIs that handle everything, without baffling the users.

Nobody can argue that the Internet of Things is the future. In fact, the predictions about M2M technologies (this stands for machine to machine technologies and is a part of IoT) are truly optimistic about the future – by 2020, M2M devices will have exceeded 40 billion and this is a lot! With the proper security measures and without ignoring the red flags and the signs that indicate something is wrong, the Internet of Things is a great breakthrough for every single one of us!

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