Just take a moment and imagine yourself visiting the nearest ATM machine, in order to take some money from your personal account; while you are waiting for the money, you take a look at the screen of the machine and you realize that your bank account is blank. At first, you will probably think that it is a common mistake and only when you follow the specific procedure again you realize that you actually do not have any more money.

Then, your mind will start working at a fast speed and you will understand that your credit card has been drained out of money. So, you ought to be vigilant in order to avoid all of the above, thus to avoid being hacked from common criminals and have your data used to their advantage. If you cannot think of any way why someone would do that, read the following and you will realize how easy it is for someone to steal your identity even though there are ways for you to prevent this action!

Stealing Through a Wi-Fi Network

If you are one of those people who usually prefer buying things and services online with the use of a credit card (for example from Amazon web page) and if sometimes you do that with a Wi-Fi connection, you should know some specific things.

The owner of the Wi-Fi connection that you use has got the ability to see all of your actions on the web anytime he wants and follow the specific steps that you have followed in order to make a purchase. So, you can easily understand that apart from your actions, he can easily see the things that you write on the web and so he can see your credit card’s number.

What Are Phishing Attacks?

If you are not familiar with the term of Phishing attacks, it is probably due to the fact that you are not a criminal. From the first day when the Internet came into our life we have learned about web pages and their purpose. So, some people who usually are more familiar to the web observe which web page has got the largest visibility and they make an identical copy of it.

So, if someone has got a favorite web page just like Amazon or E-Bay and he is used to buying things online from there, it is likely for him to get confused and browse himself through the fake web page, while trying to perform a purchase from there. If something like that happens, the owners of these kinds of web sites gain full control over your personal data; thus, the information that you have voluntarily written gets in the wrong hands. This is how a phishing attack is performed and this is how your identity can be published everywhere.

Malware and Downloads

Last but not least, a simple way from a third party to steal your identity is the creation of malware packed with Photoshop. It is sure that most victims regarding identity stealing are the only ones who are responsible for this kind of action. Do not think about it, because every time you download something that is not legal, for example in the form of .zip, .rar or even .exe files it is more likely to “make your computer to suffer” or even to have your personal information stolen.

If you still cannot think of any way for you to protect your computer and of course your identity, it is sure that you must definitely choose a VPN connection. VPN services can save you from a lot of trouble and they can also offer you services that you have never imagined.

Do not waste any more of your valuable time and make now some advanced search on the web, in order to find the best and most trustful VPN provider. You can choose among a plethora of such providers and if you know exactly what you want from such a connection, things will get much easier for you!

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