Malware has become one of the major threats online, meaning that nobody can look the other way. On the contrary, we all need to be well prepared for what might come knocking on our door.

Only with the proper knowledge can we expect to get great results against the threats that have been lurking in the shadows. With so many types of malicious software (or malware, for short) out there, we ought to get our heads together and start learning more about how to protect ourselves and stay clear of these dangers.

In this article, we have covered three different types of malware:

  • HummingBad: This may look like adware, since it targets the income of Internet users. You will find it most frequently among Android users. It comes in layers, which means that you do not just get rid of this malware. If you defend yourself at the first layer of the attack, another starts and so on. Cybercriminals are behind this malware, apparently. Its purpose is monetary gain.
  • Ranscam: This malware is really bad for you (but you may have guessed it already!). It works like ransomware, locking your device till you pay the money requested by the executioner. Still, there is a critical difference between ranscam and ransomware. With the ransomware, you are at least sure that the infected files return to you afterwards. In this scenario, however, everything is wiped out and no money giving will make them return to you.
  • Godless: Last but not least, you should know about Godless malware. This type of malware accesses your Android device (especially if you are running on Lollipop or earlier versions of the OS) and tries to gain root privileges. After doing so, it starts installing apps on your mobile device. Even Google scans could not detect Godless malware, which is not very encouraging. In fact, over 850,000 Android running phones have been infected with this type of malware (till June, 2016).

Of course, the list goes on and on and on. Malware types are multiple and they vary, in terms of severe damages and consequences to the user. In all cases, though, you need to take the proper safety measures for protecting yourself.

The best and most important thing that you ought to do is to subscribe to a VPN service provider. In this way, you will be able to encrypt your traffic online and leave nothing to chance. So, it is practically within your hands to make the most out of Internet without the threats of malware!

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