Ransomware attacks are becoming common and more serious now than before. Experts observe that the frequency of ransomware attacks is increasing. More and more people are experiencing these types of attacks. More so, criminals are increasingly changing the form and frequency of ransomware attacks to take advantage of cyber security weaknesses. Here are some of the most severe strains of ransomware attacks that you need to know about.


MarsJoke is one of the most common forms of ransomware. The strain first appeared back in August. However, its mode of operation and frequency of use makes it one of the most common and severe forms of ransomware. Criminals who use this strain of malware send emails that contain famous brand names in their headings. The idea is to conceal their true intentions and lure their targets into clicking on the links. Therefore, since MarsJoke uses social engineering practices to lure individuals working in government agencies to click on spoofy links, it is one of the most dangerous forms today.


Fantom is another highly severe form of ransomware that is currently in operation. This form of ransomware pretends to be a Windows update. If criminals manage to send this form of ransomware to you, you will see a prompt for the Windows Operating System update. If you accept to install the update, you end up becoming a victim of a ransomware attack within minutes.


One thing that makes Cerber a very dangerous form of ransomware is that it is easily accessible. Criminals can access this form of ransomware from the dark web for a small amount of money. Therefore, criminals who sell ransomware have decided to treat Cerber as a service, thus making it common.


CTB-Locker is one of the oldest forms of ransomware currently in operation. This type of ransomware was first discovered back in 2014. The ransomware remains severe because of several reasons. First, it still uses the classic method of masquerading as genuine links or downloads to access devices. Second, this form of ransomware can affect individual devices as well as websites.

In conclusion, you need to remain alert to the threat of ransomware that you face every day. You can do many things to protect yourself from ransomware attacks. However, the simplest thing is to use a standard VPN service like hide.me.

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