Cyber Security is a science practiced by skilled technicians all over the world with the purpose to keep the millions of machines out there safe against any technological threats with the use of various tools.

Security experts are a tool for every business that wants to keep their enterprise network secure. Let’s get to know a few security tools, which security expert proposes the use of each tool and why.

Patch Management

This is a tool recommended by the deputy director and CISO for the City of San Diego (Gary Hayslip). It has to do with acquiring, testing and installing software patches to computer systems, upgrading the vulnerability protection level and improving system stability and performance.

Microsoft EMET

This utility assists in preventing vulnerabilities exploitation on applications by reducing the software weaknesses as it places extra measures for the attacker to go through. YierJin -assistant professor at the University of Central Florida- who recommends this solution has a saying, which is that the best tool to use is the combination of knowledge with awareness. So, Microsoft EMET is definitely a great asset in the field of cyber security.

Windows GodMode

Ron Woerner, who is director of CyberSecurity Studies at Bellevue University, promotes this tool. According to him, knowledge is the most important tool to have. He suggests the use of Windows GodMode for gaining swift and reliable access to requested information, as it provides an easy way for accessing OS controls and user information via one folder.

Insider Threat Protection

You need to have protection from insider threats according to Mike Papy, VP and CISO at Northrop Grumman. Many malware attacks and data loss issues are a result of insufficient threat protection. The purpose of the Insider Threat Protection tool is to monitor network traffic for any anomalies and thus provide early information to system administrators for possible issues.

Endpoint Detection and Response

When it comes to monitoring, analyzing and preventing execution of unauthorized code, the Endpoint Detection and Response tool is the one to use, according to Neil MacDonald, VP and analyst at Gardner. Contiguous monitoring provided by this tool will keep the malware away, prevent execution of unauthorized code while also decrease the time it takes for an attack to be noticed.

FireEye Malware Detection

This malware detection tool is recommended by the IT security lab director at Virginia Tech, Randy Marchany as it is a tool that will assist you in closely monitoring extrusion detection. The Fire-Eye security company developed this tool with the purpose to focus on the outbound traffic while most organizations usually mainly focus on the inbound traffic.

Privilege Identity Management

The purpose of this tool is to prevent leaking of sensitive information. It manages this by closely monitoring administrative access, always changing passwords for critical projects thus making any administrator access worthless. It is recommended by AndrasCser, VP and security analyst at Forrester.

As you can see, there are several tools that you can benefit from towards enhancing your cyber security layering. So, feel free to look through these options available within your reach and take full advantage of their special features!

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