The investments that have been made in the field of preventing cyberattacks have not been that fruitful, as we can witness through the charts and stats revealing the increasing number of such malicious incidents. Even though resources are multiplied, the results do not get a lot better than what they were a few years back. So, what seems to be the problem?

Cybersecurity companies have upped their resources by 20 per cent and this proves what we have mentioned above, according to RohytBelani. Belani is the co-founder of PhishMe, one of the people working hard toward changing the course of hacks and their worrying trajectory. However expensive the investments have been, the threats increased as well (nearly 50 per cent increase).

Belani explains the fact that traditional methods of dealing with cyberattacks are simply not effective. According to the data, the vast majority of threats are not even detected from the inside. This means that detection comes too late to do anything preventive.

On the bright side, RohytBelani sends the following hopeful message: “If we can train fighter pilots to land on aircraft carriers in the middle of the sea at night, we can teach workers to report suspicious things in rapid form.”

Oil and gas companies suffer from the lack of efficient methods in fighting off cyberattacks once and for all. Despite the money spent, the problem persists. What needs to be done is not so much complicated, as basic and straightforward.

There needs to be a change in the way programmers and security experts look at things. Compliance should be replaced by innovation and patterns should not be used at all times – this only leads to a more productive behavior on behalf of hackers.

Commerce ought to be protected and there is no argument on such an acknowledgement. Even though there is cutting edge technology involved in the cybersecurity of governments (like the one of the United States), however, the same knowledge is not shared with the businesses in the world. That leaves the latter exposed and does not allow them to thrive in the area of cyber security.

With the right kind of preparation, with the cooperation of professionals who work hard and think outside the box, with the proper change in human behavior and with the knowledge already obtained by the governments, the corporate world will definitely have more reasons to smile in the near future!

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