In September 4th, 2016, Samantha Power spoke in South Sudan. The US Ambassador’s speech was on time. The UN Security Council has permission to bring its regional protection force. The Transitional Government of Nation Unity allowed deployment of 4000 soldiers.

There are already twelve thousand UN peacekeepers in South Sudan. The President Salva Kiir and the Security Council delegation met and announced the news

At the beginning of July, a battle ensued in South Sudan. It was between the SPLA that supports President Kiir and SPLA group that backs Riek Machar. SPLA refers to the Sudan People’s Liberation Army. Riek was the nation’s former Vice-President.

A lot of deaths and damage happened. UNMISS soldiers also lost their lives. The battle undermined the launch of the peace agreement. It was between the two political rivals in August 2015.  Renowned world leaders like the UN Secretary, General Ban Ki-Moon, called for peace.

Communique commended the UN Security Council and the Transitional Government of National Unity. Their goal is to improve the livelihood of the civilians. They want to look into justice, liberation and prosperity of South Sudanese communities.  

Permanent Representatives of the Missions of Senegal and the United States is vital. It runs the Security Council’s affairs. It has members from up to fifteen nations.

UNMISS has a fair mandate to keep the civilians safe. Their identity or citizenship does not matter. This is what Samantha Power said. She noted that the consultations are in progress. Soon there will be a concrete plan for operations of the regional protection force.

The communique confirms that the UNMISS and the government officials will work in unity. They will both deliver modalities to run the power.

The Security Council showed its shock about the recent war in South Sudan. As well, it expressed grave fright over the deaths of innocent people. The minister said that the Transitional Government of National Unity is the stench.

It will see to it that the UNMISS does its mission work without facing impediments. By the end of September, the plan will be complete. UNMISS will devote itself to working with the Transitional government.


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