North Korea is indisputably among the countries with the most severe censorship applied to its citizens. Due to the authoritarian regime of the country, there is a wide range of websites that cannot be accessed by anyone. This happens due to the desire of the Government to control what the citizens can access, in terms of news and information globally.

With the proper tools, they limit the online freedoms of the people residing in North Korea. Of course, Facebook and social media platforms in general are among the censored websites in the country of North Korea.

On the bright side, though, there are several things that can be done towards preventing such a limitation in the websites that can be accessed within a country like North Korea, Iran and Turkey.

Even in the cases of social media, the Governments cannot control everything. Despite their need to restrict the information received by the North Koreans, the different methods outlined below can provide great assistance. So, let’s have a closer look, shall we?

Methods Used to Unblock Facebook from North Korea

  • Using Translation Services: Even when you cannot access Facebook and other websites from North Korea, you can do that after having the URL translated. In order for you to do so, you can benefit from online translation services that provide exceptional results and guaranteed ease of use. In the form of example, you can take advantage of Google Translate or Alta Vista Babelfish.
  • Email Sent to You: Alternatively, you can request the content from Facebook to be sent over to you via email. You copy the URL of Facebook and sent it over to After a while, you can expect the content to arrive in the form of a new email.
  • Choose to Use IP instead of URLs: It is true that most of the times the blockage of certain websites is restricted to the URLs of theirs. So, when using the IP addresses, you have got better chances of getting in.
  • Use a Smart DNS: This is a wonderful way for you to take advantage of anonymity online. Even if you live in North Korea, you can appear to be located somewhere else. There are many quality Smart DNS options for you to have your pick from.
  • Shorten URLs: You can try out a much easier solution, which can either work or not. You can in fact shorten the URL that you use, prior to clicking for accessing sites such as Facebook. This can help you out and open the gates of the web for you.
  • VPN: Last but definitely not least and the recommended method, you can benefit from the use of a VPN service provider. Virtual Private Networks can be of unique help to you and offer you the opportunity to overcome the local restrictions regarding websites. In other words, you can expect nothing short of full flexibility to select the IP and location of your preference. Free or premium VPNs can be the key to success for you, even when everything else has failed. If we were to recommend a VPN here, it would be none other than – a Malaysia based VPN company.

As you have checked yourself, there are quite a few different methods that every person can make use of in North Korea. Facebook is certainly a popular means of communication and interaction, meaning that almost everybody wishes to have access to such a website. Hopefully, these methods will enlighten you on how you can succeed in your goal to lift the restrictions in North Korea!

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