Are you located outside the US and want to watch ABC Live or TV shows like “Modern Family”, “Scandal”or “Dancing with the Stars”? You will need to consider using one of the following methods for spoofing your location so that it appears as if you’re connecting from the US, as ABC Go is not provided to other countries.

In order to proceed with the most suitable solution for your case, you need to consider the following:

1) Is traffic encryptionor speed more important to you?

2) Are there other channels besides ABC Go that you need to unblock?

3) Which type of device are you going to access ABC Go from? (Please note that the Watch ABC supported devices / platforms are: PC & Mac browsers, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Apple TV, Android, Kindle Fire and Windows 8)

4) Do you have an active US cable TV subscription? (This is needed in order to watch livecontent, otherwise you will be able to watch with a delay of one week).

Access ABC GO using a VPN service

The use of a reliable Virtual Private Network (VPN) service for this task is one of the methods to follow. Here’s what you get with the VPN option:

1) VPN will provide you with encryption of traffic on your device while tunneling it to the country for which you made the VPN server selection.

2) VPN adds privacy and protection to your connection.

3) It will work on many devices. Actually it will work with any device declared as “ABC GO” supported device. (It will not work with Apple’s gadget “Apple TV” though).

4) It will not give you access just to ABC GO, but to any other geo-restricted US sites as well. We can recommend VPN for best performance and stability here.

Access ABC GO using a Smart DNS proxy

While the VPN solution is a widely known one, the incompatibility of the VPN solution on some newer devices like “Apple TV, Roku, Blu-Ray players” has forced another technology to emerge as a solution to this problem, which is the Smart DNS proxy. Here’s what the Smart DNS service offers:

1) Smart DNS re-routes only the traffic that is geo-relevant, leaving the rest of the traffic as is.

2) The local channels remain unaffected while using a Smart DNS service.

3) It will not lock your device just to one location thus giving you the option to simultaneously access ACB Go, US Netflix, FR Pluzz, BBC iplayer.

4) While it is compatible with all of your devices, it is also easy to setup. The one SmartDNS we can recommend without any second though is

So, there you have it. The options are there for you to review and select the most suitable for your case.

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