Are you at home, feeling bored, having nothing to do and looking forward to have some fun? You can make use of a reliable VPN service for unblocking access to premium online Desi content.

Here’s what you will be able to do, if you make use of such a service:

Watch Bollywood movies on Netflix

You are probably familiar with the Netflix entertainment platform and the premium content it offers. Netflix is a geo-restricted platform, which means that you cannot access it if you reside at a location with no presence of the Netflix platform. This obstacle can be bypassed if you register with a VPN provider, as it will allow you to spoof your location and ultimately get access to the dedicated Bollywood section of Netflix and watch movies like “Queen”, “Rang De Basanti” or others of more classical type, like “AndazApnaApna”.

Watch Hum TV’s drama series on YouTube

If you’ve heard of Hum TV, then you are aware that it’s a channel known for its beautiful drama series. What is also nice with this channel is that they offer full episodes of the popular drama serials. This means that you just logon to the Hum TV YouTube channel and begin watching your favorite show without needing to go through various links for locating the episode you’ve missed.

Access Pakistani and Indian tunes on Pandora

Do you know Pandora? It is a free, personalized radio that plays music you’ll love, allows you to discover new music but also enjoy old favorites. Pandora will request you to name your favorite music artists and will make use of this information for customizing itself according to your needs, by creating a radio station strictly with material you are fond of.

It will create personalized lists like “Bollywood workout channel” or “RahatFateh Ali Khan” radio channel. You can get access to this online radio station from anyplace around the world, simply by making use of a VPN service which practically allows you to remove the geographic restriction blocking. The sooner you register with such a service, the faster you will have unlimited access to Pandora, listening to the exact type of music you love, from any place in the world.


The method of using a reliable VPN service for getting access to geo-restricted content is the most reliable way to go. There are companies offering various types of VPN packages, so depending to what you are willing to pay, you may get an Ad-free version or even get a more advance VPN service that will grant you simultaneous access to multiple virtual locations. So, investigate the available options and get a VPN solution that will give you access to online Desi content no matter where you are located.

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