Every person in the US who is interested on the NSA’s news knows Dunk really well. Dunk is an anthropomorphic creature that represents captivatingly weird Earth DAY mascot of NSA.

If you think that Dunk is one of a kind creature of NSA, you are completely wrong. As Dan Raile of PandoDaily informs us, in the last RSA’s security conference he learned everything about the NSA’s themed coloring book. The book that he referred to is the Future Codemakers and Cokebreakers that is all about America’s CryptoKids.

The specific book is telling the story of a team of creatures or even better, a story of talking animals. It says that when this unique team is not spying on you, it spends all of their free time on playing guitars or on playing lacrosse and other friendly games. The sure thing is that most of their free time is spend on spying on every single person.

It is absolutely a children’s book that gives them the chance to learn how to play games and solve puzzles, by helping all of the talking animals that are included. Through its pages, it dares children to visit the original NSA’s web site in order to learn everything that is possible about them. The protagonist of the specific book is definitely Sergeant Sam which is actually a talking eagle. Sergeant Sam introduces all kids who adore him to the fantastic world of cryptology and how fun it would be to learn more about it.

Another amazing character that is preferred mostly by girls is Joules. Joules is a squirrel that always appears along with her favorite dog, Socket. She is really good on constructing things and so she is really interested in the engineering field. The Crypto Cat is another character that your children will love as it is a character that focuses on how enjoying is to learn more and more things every day.

Decipher dog, is a really busy character as it tries to learn everything about his stepmothers job who works for NSA. He finds her work really exciting and he constantly tries to learn everything about it. On the other hand, Slate is a mathematics genius and he is really proud of his father as he is really smart too and he works as a teacher.

Slate is really good in puzzles and mathematics have helped him a lot. The amazing turtle’s name is T.Top and he lives for computer science. On his spare time apart from playing with his friends, he is in front of his computer and tries to learn more and more things.

Some children adore Rosetta Stone. It is actually a fox that has to parents who work as archaeologists. She loves helping them with their job and so she constantly tries to be present to their digging. She wants to become an archaeologist too and so she tries to learn as much languages as possible and information about other cultures.

Last but not least, Cyndi and Cy are Cybertwins. These Cybertwins know really well how to work with computers and their biggest atoo is the fact that they love traveling and they have been to all over the world. They are able to travel to all over the world as their dad works for the Army-Hooah. The love each other and they spend a lot of hours together.

As you can easily understand, NSA has managed for one more time to attract the interested of many people and children too. Though this book it is able to make children understand their work and in a form to work with them through amazing games.

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