Findings of a new research show that more Americans are concerned about their online privacy and security than it was a year ago, it has been reported.

According to the findings of the recently conducted study by Anchor Free, about 84% of the individuals who were interviewed expressed their fears of falling victim to massive cyber security attacks, it has been reported.

Also, the findings of the research indicate that about 50% of the people who were interviewed expressed their disapproval of the recent large-scale hacking incidents against the likes of Yahoo and other internet-based companies.

Furthermore, the findings of the study show that about 64% of the people who were interviewed indicated that they feared for their online privacy and security, following the inauguration of the new president a few months ago.

Observers have reiterated that there is a growing sentiment within the country regarding cyber security and anonymity.

According to David Gorodyansky, the CEO of Anchor Free, these findings underscore a strong feeling among cyber security experts that many Americans now fear for their digital privacy.

Although online privacy and internet freedoms are basic human rights under various international charters, it is shocking to realise that many Americans fear that these rights may not be guaranteed in their country,’ he noted.

The Trump administration has been strongly criticised for its anti-strong encryption and pro-hacking stance.

From the findings of the results, it appears that many Americans fear that the government may end up using mass online surveillance programs to snoop on what people are doing, thus further curtailing the existing internet freedoms that people are enjoying.

It has been reported that people are now resorting to using VPN services as a way of safeguarding their online privacy. The findings of the research indicated that many people are willing to take all the necessary measures to counter the possible actions by governments that may undermine their privacy.

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