According to recent studies, Americans have now realized the impact of Internet exposure and they have begun reacting to that in a direct manner. Indeed, they have stopped using the web like they used to in the past, for fear of exposing themselves and having their sensitive data leaked somehow.

The new findings suggest that people have become a lot more aware of the dangers that lie online. However, they do not act proactively or try to come up with the best way to prevent data breaches online. On the contrary, they prefer abstaining from the Internet and thinking twice, before doing something that may compromise their digital security.

The report derived from the study of over 41,000 households in the United States and more than half of the respondents expressed their concern over privacy and security issues online. The National Telecommunications and Information Administration conducted the study and there were multiple problems reported as the main concerns of Internet users. For instance, 2 out of 10 users had already experienced some form of data breach. Another interesting fact from the study was that the more devices one had, the more the concerns were.

In order to deal with these concerns, Internet users have been trying to cope and take the necessary measures that would allow them to remain protected. They have tried deleting their cookies or their browsing history.

In addition, they have changed their previous posts online – on Facebook, Twitter and anywhere else, in avoidance of data breaches. Interestingly enough, not many people used encryption for preventing identity theft and other threats.

Overall, what most people have come to realize is that they should abstain from the web, so as to eliminate the chances of being breached. However good this might be for them in the short run, this is not a permanent solution.

It also affects the banking transactions and online purchases, as well as many other conveniences offered online. Even though there are dangers on the web, nobody can fight the acknowledgment that the Internet is a valuable source of information, communication and recreation.

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