Technology is progressing at a gigantic pace, with various breakthroughs taking place on a daily basis and affecting the life of Internet users. As far as mobile devices are concerned, there are many different things that have caught the interest and attention of the experts globally.

In fact, they are threats that emerge regularly and that make the whole safety layering of such devices tumble and fall. Such threats that are directly linked to the Android OS will be discussed and analyzed at Black Hat USA 2015, which is being held between August 1st and 6th in Las Vegas. Let’s have a closer look at six of these threats, which will be in the spotlight with professionals trying to come up with solid solutions:

Universal Android Rooting Flaw: This problem is not new, as many arguments have been found both for and against rooting an Android running device. Several hackers have been searching for such vulnerabilities, in order to attack the device and penetrate the system. A freshly found flaw enables the rooting of devices running Android OS 4.3 or more advanced OS.

Finger Print Flaw: Even if you consider finger print safety measures to be truly effective, a new vulnerability that will be discussed in Black Hat 2015 is going to change that. To be more specific, hackers can get their hands on this safety option and attack the Android device, despite having been blocked by the finger print protection measure.

StageFright Loophole: This loophole has to do with the media library that is included within Android OS running devices. As it has been proven recently, a lot of Android devices are placed at risk due to this vulnerability and an immediate solution has to be found.

Binder Call Flaw: According to the presentation at Black Hat 2015: “Binder is the IPC Mechanism in Android. It’s used in Communication not only between processes with the same privilege but also between low privileged Apps and high privileged system services.” Without the proper control of the Binder, there are multiple risks taken regarding communications.

Exploitation of Trusted Environment & Bypassing Security Features: In a hostile environment, it is only fair that ongoing threats of sophisticated nature come up. It is imperative that all Internet users find the right tools that allow these threats to become extinct.

Supply Chain Vulnerability in Apps: Last but not least, at the Black Hat 2015 event there is a session that explains how front-door vulnerabilities enable hackers to do irreparable damage to Androids. The specific session is presented here. As you can see, even the devices that run modern versions of Android such as Lollipop can be hijacked.

If you want to be kept up to date with the latest threats that emerge online, you should follow the events taking place globally regarding technology. Black Hat 2015 is an example of such important events that can help in the shaping of security today and tomorrow!

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