It has been well known for many years now that hackers are able to enter every single computer and steal the personal information of people, even though they may use real good antivirus software.

The truth is that these people are always trying to get updated with all new development and evolution, when it comes to the technology and sometimes they seem to be even better than those people who work in crucial places in big companies that are involved with anti viruses.

In a recent interview of Brian Dye, the Senior Vice President of Symantec, he has admitted that hackers have won the anti-virus wars. He has also said that the security tools that they use are not able to protect websites from them and that they focus not on how to find them, but they are trying to use a better security protection as a whole.

Piero DePaoli, the director of product marketing for Endpoint, Messaging and Web Security of Symantec, has said: “Antivirus is the foundation for catching known threats. But, a majority of the things we see today are new and unknown and specifically designed to evade your traditional antivirus.” This definitely reflects reality nowadays at a global scale.

According to a recent report, it has been proven that the 2013 was the year that turned a lot of people against hackers. In 2013, the percentage of hacking attacks reached 62 per cent and this percentage is equal to the number of 552 million of people.

This means that 552 million people were hacked and their personal information was not personal any more. This is a huge number, any way you look at it. The lack of privacy and anonymity can lead to severe damage and of course makes people feel uncertain as to what they can include on the Internet.

If you take into consideration the fact that most businesses nowadays have gone online and that websites have been increasing exponentially all over the globe, you can see why it is critical to find the proper cure against hacking. With the number of hacking attempts and with the overall websites that have suffered from attacks at least once in the past, there is a pessimistic future outlined.

This phenomenon does not mean that internet security companies such as Symantec will stop trying to do their best when it comes to anti-viruses. On the contrary, they have concentrated more on a complete, thorough defensive line regarding businesses and websites exposed to the web.

They have identified the need for such a complete, integrated solution rather than an anti-virus program that fails to do what is needed. The environment is hostile, but with the right handling and with the cooperation of the experts in the field of Internet Security things will only get better.

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