Do you own an iPhone? If so, you should be aware that a criminal could be tracking you. The wicked party may not be from Apple. There is good news though. Apple has a new update, the iOS 9.3.5. The iOS update will end serious security and privacy issues that iPhone users face.  There is hope that the latest update will enhance your privacy.

There is a group, NSO Group, from Israel that boasts clever software. The company’s software is for tracking mobile phones.  The Spyware could intrude your phone.  Also, the software could read your emails and texts. It could also unlock your call logs and passwords. What’s more, it could locate the whereabouts of any mobile phone user. The executives of the NSO Group have praised their software everywhere. They claim that their software is just like a ghost. It could track in an anonymous way.

NSO Group has been running for five years. Its founders are Shalev Hulio and Omari Lavie. They sold it to Francisco Partners Management LLC for 120 million dollars in the past year. To keep selling its spyware, NSO Group adopts new names. It was just recently when it called itself Q.  

So far, NSO Group sells its product to national governments. It makes about seventy-five million dollars per annum. NSO Group revenues could rise this year. This is because the US and China are increasing their purchases.  

It estimates that sales could from rise from 77 billion dollars to 108 billion dollars by 2019.  The German and France governments want to pass a new legislation. This law will help them access the civilians’ phones.

Apple knows about this software, thanks to John Scott Railton and Bill Marczak— researchers.  In just a period of two weeks, Apple had produced an update to secure its users. The researchers’ suspicions became clear when Ahmed Mansoor got wary messages. Ahmed is a renowned human rights activist in United States Emirates.

The message hinted to Ahmed about the U.A.E residents’ torture site. Fred Sainz said that Apple requested its users to always use the current IOS version. He is the company’s spokesman.  This would keep them from potential security issues.

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