To enhance your studies, use the current apps technology. Here are a few apps you should always keep.

Apps for taking notes

Some apps do more than taking notes. They offer to-do lists and webpage clipping. Some of our favorite picks include Quip, Evernote and Google Keep.

Use the Cloud for file storage

Now you could keep your files on Dropbox, Box or Google Drive. These are more convenient than your flash disk that you could misplace.

Best document viewers

Documents you might find on the internet have different viewing formats. So it is easier to use apps that could let you read files saved in any digital format. And you could try the IceCreame Reader and Caliber readers. These readers work great even when you want to add comments or notes.

Time management apps

Students have to manage their time well. This is so they could complete their assignments and projects on time. An app that could help you supervise your time is so handy. The best apps offer checklists, reminders and calendar systems. Our cool picks include Rescue Time, Focus Booster and Remember The Milk.

Virtual Private Network

There are school projects that will force you to find data from censored jurisdictions. What you need is an app that could bypass location-based blocks.  There is not better method than a VPN service.

You get a new IP for the location you want to harvest data from. So there is no single filter that will block you. A quality VPN like the is perfect.

You might wonder why you need this VPN service. It is because Hotspot Shield boasts the best features.  It is a great school computer VPN. Other than letting you access any virtual location, this VPN goes past firewalls.

It skips all restrictions and gets you to where you want to be. As it boasts a strong encryption, is the safest anonymous web proxy. It keeps internet criminals and hackers away from your personal data.

There will be no malware attacks too. The VPN secures your internet connection well.

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