You may not even realize it but there are many cases that give room to online manipulation. Instead of using the Internet to your own benefit and after your own desire, you may find that you are being forced to behave according to the needs of others and their intentions to sell or benefit. Here are some of the things that might not have even caught your attention and potentially involve online manipulation:

  • Menus online are certainly helpful towards informing the customers beforehand. However, as it has turned out, various restaurants and cafés do not include all the menu information online. On the contrary, they focus on the things that they wish to sell more and they neglect the things that are most valuable for the customers. In this way, you read through the online menu and get influenced as to what you should order, even though you do not have the wider picture.
  • Social media platforms have been used to reward users, into tricking them to use them more often. Even though the reward varies and is not given out to the users every single time, it is this uncertainty that triggers them the most. So, you might have noticed that you are constantly checking your Facebook update and logging in to your social media accounts more often than you should. Such rewards affect your judgment!
  • Another way to manipulate online users is the intentional title that suggests you are missing out on something, unless you read what the article states. This is typical and most likely includes information you already know. The pain of losing something (or being deprived of some sort of knowledge) has a great impact on viewers, as it seems. So, many blogs and sites act according to this acknowledgement.
  • Gradual engagement is something to look out for online. In case you have been added to a team on Facebook and you have been given some freebies, you should think twice. There is high likelihood that you will end up wanting more and being tricked into buying more.
  • Last but not least, there is the tactic of bottomless bowls. This means that the Internet always gives you more than what you originally want. When a song is finished on YouTube, another one starts or you get the auto-play button to listen to it again. This method will end up offering you more than what you have had in your mind and potentially manipulate you like that.

Think about it and change your point of view, so that you do not get as easily manipulated online!

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