The popular piracy hotspots (Australia and New Zealand) have an increased demand for VPN services as their government has set some new piracy rules.

There is a great demand in Australia for VPN services since the Australian government and of course ISPs has started to take new measurements regarding piracy. Torrent Freak has showed some new and exciting data that is actually based in recent searches about VPN. In these Australian studies, it has been proven that the demand of VPN has rapidly been increased these last few days and at the same time TorGuard states that the increase is steady and the Australian subscribers have installed new servers, which span from Australia and New Zealand to LA too.

Another VPN provider who insists on its anonymity also says something similar with the other that has been mentioned above: “We are seeing a peak in traffic and sales from Australia. In the past two weeks we saw an 88% traffic increase”.

For many years now, Australia and New Zealand have been considered being two of the most popular piracy hotspots and this has been proved due to the illegal downloading and streaming that have been performed. The most important reason why this phenomenon happens is the fact that the staggered release dates for digital content has higher prices than the ones in the US and Europe.

Another reason why people want to have even more VPN providers is of course Netflix. Netflix is an American kind of channel that provides to its subscribers the chance to see all of their favorite movies and series and also other important services for free as long as you are a citizen of US. If you have a VPN service, there is no need to be an American citizen in order to have a full access to Netflix and so Netflix will provide its services to Australia and New Zealand really soon.

Variety have stated recently a new report that says that in Australia there are more than 200,000 Netflix subscribers who are already using VPN, Smart DNS and other software that work like the previous ones. At the same time, the consumer rights organization says that the actual number of Netflix subscribers is over 300,000.

As you can easily understand, there are many reasons to trust a VPN provider and if you are a Netflix fan you have one more reason to believe it. So, do not lose any more of your valuable time and start now to make some advanced search on the web in order to find which the best and most trustful VPN provider is in your area and of course which VPN service provider suits best to your needs and will.

If you are afraid and think that VPN is really complicated and you could not get the hang of it, you must think again as the installing and the using of VPN services is one of the simplest software that you could ever use. After all, all the details and the instructions that you will need are going to be given to you from the first moment that you will subscribe as a VPN user.

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