Technology has come a long way and this is certainly a great thing. A lot of conveniences have occurred, making our lives substantially easier and allowing us to dig deeper in terms of knowledge, information and entertainment. However, all that comes with a prize to pay.

In other words, we have simultaneously become more powerful and more vulnerable online. Even if this sounds as an oxymoron, it is not. Instead, our vulnerability is directly related to the increased interaction and exposure of ours digitally.

Although authentication software and other programs have been meaning to set things straight, it is true that hackers and other threats have become a lot more sophisticated, too. In other words, things are now far more difficult in the field of online privacy and security measures just don’t suffice any more.

The previous safety precautions now lack in consistency and hackers can overcome these barriers easily. So, authentication must go ahead with progressing and coming up with new, better ways to protect oneself from online threats.

Let’s see how this is accomplished, paving the way for the authentication of the future:

Two-factor authentication is definitely one of the major methods for enhancing overall security. In terms of hacking, it is more difficult to bypass a single line of authentication than multiple lines. This makes sense. Even robots that can be created by hackers and tech savvies will find two-factor authentication difficult to tackle.

Captchas are also put into effect, since they allow only humans to continue on. Captchas typically include a request to type a number or click on something, in order for the system to make sure that you are not a robot. Well, this is a solution that has been created, so as to avoid robots and other hacking attempts.

Another option that has made a difference in terms of security and anonymity online and will continue on doing so is the use of biometrics. When your fingerprint is required, you can see why it empowers your security. Although they are difficult to use online, they are greatly useful – after all, they cannot be doubled!

What will come into effect in the near future is the use of machines that perfectly monitor the behavior of humans. As a result, they will be able to recognize their legit owners and act accordingly. So, this is certainly moving in the right direction.

Along with all these options, we also find the combination of public and private key-pairs and the strengthening of security via trusted, reliable hardware. However, even though all these methods enable you to become more thoroughly protected online, one thing is indisputable: getting a strong password still remains the best means of protection on the web. So, pay extra attention to choosing your password and you will most likely be out of danger, especially when combining some of the methods displayed above!

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