If you are in the UK, Romania, Russia, Turkey or several other countries, you must have realised that Apple has increased the prices of some of the Apps on its Apple App Store. The reasons for this trend are varied. However, it is widely believed that changes in the global geopolitical environment and the violent fluctuations of the rates of exchange for various currencies in the recent past are the main causes of this trend.

If you are in any of these countries in which it now costs more to buy some apps than what it was the case a few months ago, you do not have to worry. Here is how you can beat the increase in the prices of apps in these countries using hide.me VPN.

How hide.me can works

hide.me can help you beat increases in app prices because it enables you to change your virtual location. When you have a hide.me account, you can choose any country and get an IP address of that country. Hence, you can change your virtual location and take advantage of price differences.

You must have realised that the changes in prices are geographical-based. This means that if you change your location to a country like the US, you can still enjoy relatively low prices for the apps. However, if you are in the UK, you will have to pay more for the apps.

Additional benefits of using hide.me

One, hide.me will help you to access restricted content from anywhere. When you access the internet via hide.me, you can successfully bypass all forms of internet restrictions and access content from anywhere in the world.

Two, hide.me helps to keep you safe online. When you access the internet via your hide.me account, you remain more secure than it is the case when you access the internet in a conventional way.

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