In this article we will go through the best hacking tools for Android, which are meant to be used by security researchers, ethical hackers but may also be used by people that enjoy exploring the tech world. The collection of apps that will be described in this article can be used to convert a smartphone into a small hacking toolkit, allowing techy users to perform various new tasks.

Let’s go through them:

1) Hackode

This hacker’s toolbox is actually an application that can be used to perform penetration testing. IT administrators, Ethical hackers and Cyber security professionals can use it to perform various tasks like scanning performing exploits and reconnaissance.

2) Androrat

This is a remote administration tool for the Android OS. It’s a client/server application that has been developed in Android Java for the client side and Java/Swing for the server side.

3) APKInspector

Analysts use this powerful GUI tool in order to analyze Android applications. It aims to assist analysts and reverse engineers to visualize Android packages that are compiled and also access their DEX code.

4) Droidbox

The experts that use this tool prefer it for the dynamic analysis of Android applications that is offers.

5) Burp Suite

If you plan to perform security testing of web applications, this is the app suite to use. It offers tools that work seamlessly together and support the entire testing process. The process includes mapping and analysis of the attack surface on an application and locating and exploiting security vulnerabilities.

6) zANTI

Complex audits and penetration testing at the push of a button are what this comprehensive diagnostics toolkit offers. Also cloud-based reporting and simple guidelines are provided so that network security is ensured.

7) dSploit

This penetration and network analysis suite offers the most complete professional toolkit to IT security experts who use it to perform network security assessments on mobile devices.

8) Droid Sheep

Anyone that has an Android device can easily use Droid Sheep while only the provider of the web service can protect the users. This way, if anyone has second thoughts about using the web service, he can use this tool and test the security of his account on his own.

9) Arpspoof

This network auditing tool forges ARP replies and manages to redirect traffic on the local network. It was initially part of Dug Song’s dsniff package.

10) Shark for root

This is a traffic sniper working on both 3G and Wi-Fi. Wireshark is needed in order to open the dump and Shark reader is needed for previewing the dump on the phone.

11) SSHDroid

SSH is a protocol that provides an additional security layer while connecting with a remote machine. You can use this app in order to connect to your device using a pc and have the option of running commands like “adb shell” and “terminal”.

12) Nmap for Android

Nmap was mainly developed for Unix but now it is available in Windows and Android as well. It is one of the best network scanners and gives you the option to e-mail the scanning results.

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