It has always been a crucial matter to come up with thorough anonymous browsing and therefore it is imperative that we find the proper solution that will offer optimized Internet experience in the long run.

There are two different options including the use of a proxy and the use of a VPN service provider. If you are looking for an intermediary means that allows you to reroute your traffic and get the chance to lay low and remain out of reach to hackers and others who wish to intercept your personal information, the contribution of a proxy is essential.

Below, we are going to highlight the top free proxies or proxies at an affordable price rate that you can use towards getting the desired results. Feel free to learn more about them and their features, so as to make the most out of your anonymity.

  • AnonyMouse: Offered ever since 1997, this is a great solution that allows you to make use of privacy settings promptly and efficiently. AnonyMouse can help you out, simply by copying and pasting the URL you wish to visit and clicking on the anonymous browsing.
  • HideMyAss: With HideMyAss, you have got the opportunity to choose between a VPN and a proxy service. There is a plethora of proxies for you to have your pick from, without any difficulty whatsoever.
  • For a similar option to the previous one highlighted in HideMyAss, provides a wide array of free proxies that are working at a time. The whole process of using such proxies is really easy and it can guarantee great results.
  • free proxy: It’s a blazing fast proxy being offered for free by a premium VPN service provider based in Malaysia. You can choose among three server locations including Netherlands, Canada and Garmany to surf the Internet via this proxy. On top of the features that other web proxies offers, if gives you some additional options too – the options include, allowing cookies, encrypting URL or page and removing scripts of objects.
  • kproxy: As they claim on their site, more than 1,500,000 people make use of kproxy on a monthly basis and this is definitely something worth considering. You copy and paste each website easily, while there is also a pro version with better and more versatile features.
  • Proxify: With the use of Proxify, you can appear from 1,290 different locations in the world. Although this is not a free service, you can take full advantage of the complimentary trial and then you can get your hands at a reasonably priced (as low as 10€ per month) service.
  • NewIPNow: This is a reliable service, as well. With NewIPNow, you can either get the free service or you can benefit from a premium service at a low price per month (5€ for the premium services). This is easy and simple to use, masking your IP and getting a new IP every single time.

You can get your hands on one or even more of these free or low priced proxy services, in order to enjoy premium features of anonymity and enhanced privacy as a whole. Do not hold back with what you can get online, when the answers are all there in front of your eyes and they are waiting for you to take advantage of them to the fullest!


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