People across the world pay high amounts of money for getting access to the digital content of entertainment platforms like Netflix, HBO, Hulu and others but still they are not allowed to access if they move to other regions. For example, you may have a valid US Netflix subscription and you temporarily or permanently get transferred to Europe, you will not be able to access Netflix due to restrictive licensing agreements that are in place.

Bittorrenting was born out of the people’s desire to access various streaming services. It involves the use of a file transfer service in order to access digital content with uTorrent and BitTorrent being two of the most popular providers, offering this service. For most effective bittorrenting, you would have a make use of a VPN service as it will allow you to overcome the region-related restrictions described in the beginning (Netflix example).

Internet users make use of bittorrenting for accessing restricted online media content. Files shared via P2P bittorrent get split into several small parts, thus enabling the simultaneous uploading and downloading from various users. So, how can you proceed with downloading torrents anonymously and avoid the risk of getting caught? The answer is simple and it is none other than with the use of a reliable VPN. A Virtual Private Network can allow you to retain online anonymity and download torrents without risk.

Selecting a VPN for Bittorrenting

The use of a VPN service will assist in the matters of online anonymity and anonymous torrent downloading. It will interfere between your device and the website you are trying to access and will completely mask out and encrypt your online activities thus making it difficult for anyone to track you.

Another significant reason for making use of a VPN service for downloading torrents is that you will be better protected from hackers who target the P2P sites as your traffic is encrypted and this makes the hacker’s work too difficult. Also the several VPN servers hosted in various countries act like an intermediary between your machine and your target, giving you additional protection with the virus, malware and spyware solutions that they have in place.


Bittorrenting is best to be combined with a reliable VPN service. There are various VPN providers available, some are free while others require a fee. I would not suggest choosing a free VPN service provider as you can’t be sure about the level of security they offer. is the recommended VPN provider offering privacy protection and encryption, regardless of your location. accepts bitcoins as a payment method too, and it does not retain any log files at all. So, subscribe with VPN provider and rest assured while bittorrenting.

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