Using a repetitive pattern, a Bulgarian hacker was arrested for the second time now in Philippines for trying to hack Bill Gates’ accounts and gain money using counterfeit credit cards.

Konstantin Simeonov Kavrakov from Bulgaria is one of the most notorious hackers all over the world and this is what has drawn great attention to the news that he has been arrested for fraud and stealing money.

The Interpol and the local police of Philippines worked together and brought the desired result, with the arrest of the hacker. However, he had already managed to hack the account of Bill Gates and intercept a great deal of money using counterfeit ATM cards. Upon his arrest, he was found to carry with him at least nine different receipts with money withdrawals, which indicates that he has been experienced in doing what he did.

The credit cards that the hacker was using came from various different companies, including Citi MasterCard and Citibank Visa, as well as Standard Chartered MasterCard and even a blank Gold Card. He has raised the suspicions of the police and Interpol, due to the fact that he had appeared to have visited the International Rice Research Institute in Los Baños, Laguna unlike the real Bill (or William Henry, to be exact) Gates. Interestingly enough, the very same hacker from Bulgaria is no stranger to committing similar acts of illegality. On the contrary, he was sent to prison a few years back (in 2011) for doing the same thing with Bill Gates. He was then arrested in Paraguay, only after having succeeded in gaining thousands of dollars from the genuine accounts of Bill Gates.

Unlike his former arrest, though, he was now alone in his money stealing process at the ATMs in Philippines. The hacker is known to participate in a group of experts with similar interests. What is left to point out, however, is the circumstance under which he has been released so soon after his previous arrest. If you take into consideration that he has now been jailed second time for the same illegal acts, there is a lot of room left to speculate.

The billionaire, Bill Gates, has been supposedly visiting the Philippines from as early as April 4th, whereas in reality this was not backed up by the reports that have been filed to the respective Immigration Office.

This has been the Achilles heel of the hacker, who could not be kept incognito and instead brought the spotlight on to himself. The news of the arrest traveled fast and there has been a remarkable cooperation between the forces of the police towards capturing him for the second time and bringing him to justice.

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