Biometrics has certainly been on the rise at a global scale over the past few years. This phenomenon has become even more intensified, as the latest moves indicate. In Japan, the government is working on a new payment system that only involves your fingerprint to complete a purchase.

This will definitely revolutionize the way online purchases are made, eliminating the online hazards occurring nowadays. Tourists will be urged to complete their authentication process upon arriving in Japan, at the airport.

A similar payment system is on its way in India, with the option of starting a payment request via your smartphone. It is one click and at the same time two-factor authentication system, meaning that it enables people to complete their purchases in a convenient and safe manner. An innovative Know Your Customer (KYC) service is also being introduced to India. Fingerprint readers and other biometrics are indisputably considered solid and strong authentication processes online.

When it comes to online authentication, Microsoft has reported in a recent blog post named “a world without passwords” that the new browser will fully support biometrics. Smart IDs online in Johannesburg enables South African citizens to apply for new passports, pay digitally and complete all sorts of requests without their physical presence. In addition, Fingerprint Cards (FPC) has released the information about their revenues and the increase has been gigantic – over 1,142%!

Biometrics will also be a primary means of authentication and online defense for the US army and not only that. Naval Submarine Base New London (SUBASE) will begin using biometrics for access control. There are companies that seek to enhance online security, using mobile devices and allowing multi factor authentication as a one-way street. Last but not least, voice biometrics will also be put into effect and SayPay Technologies has been trying to get ahead in this department.

A whole new world of enhanced online safety measures is unfolded before our eyes, with biometrics playing an important role to the strengthening of online security.

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