Many websites utilize the method of online tracking, in order to get feedback on your habits and needs. Web service providers cooperate with various companies who pay fees for acquiring this type of information.

In their turn, these companies use the provided feedback for better advertising of their products and for targeting specific users, according to what they seem to be interested in. If you want to block any website from sharing your browsing information, you should know that there are a number of tools that you may implement.

Blocking online tracking

In order to keep yourself protected from this web browser snooping, you need to equip your web browser with the necessary tools. Below you can find a list of extensions and add-ons that you need to add to your browser.

1) AdBlock Plus

This is a well-known ad blocking tool, which succeeds in a good level to blocks banners, advert pop-ups, trackers and more. AdBlock Plus is an important tool in regards to online security, as it allows you to block annoying content on sites that you regularly visit and provides a first obstacle for potential threats from adware, malware and other types of intrusion thus upgrading your online experience.

2) Ghostery

This popular add-on can detect online trackers on any web page you are looking for. Its trackers database is being constantly updated while it already includes a big number of known trackers. You can use this tool in order to get an analysis of social widgets, analytical trackers, advertising and others on the web page you are visiting. Ghostery is an add-on used on various platforms like PC, MAC, iOS and Android. By modifying its settings, you have the ability to block specific trackers and exclude (whitelist) specific websites from its blocking policy.

3) Disconnect

Like Ghostery, Disconnect offers the same type of service but with a different approach. The programmers of this tool claim that it is saving important resources like time and bandwidth when “filtering” a web page, resulting in getting the requested web page opened and available to the user faster than with other add-ons.

As you now have a basic knowledge on online tracking and the tools to use in order to block it, we would like to ask you to consider using one of the tools mentioned above. In this way, you will only get benefits out of this, with the most important one being a better browsing experience, no matter which browser you use and on which platform.

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